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  • UF Philosophy Professor Awarded NSF Grant to Study Predictive Policing

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy Duncan Purves has received a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study the ethics of using artificial intelligence to assist police officers in anticipating crime before it happens. Researchers from UF and California Polytechnic State ...

  • UF Chemistry Professor Awarded NSF Grant to Build Open Network for Molecular Science

    University of Florida chemistry professor Adrian Roitberg will work as part of a multi-university team on a new project that has received nearly $1 million to advance molecular sciences though machine learning. Read more "UF Chemistry Professor Awarded NSF Grant to ...

  • Where the Oranges Aren’t so Orange

    A new study by UF medical geographer Sadie Ryan maps risk areas for citrus greening and provides critical information for citrus production and crop management moving forward. Read more "Where the Oranges Aren’t so Orange"

  • Looking Deep Inside the Ancient Earth

    With a mathematical time machine, UF Geologist Alessandro Forte and his collaborators reconstructed what the Earth’s interior looked like 55 million years ago. Read more "Looking Deep Inside the Ancient Earth"

  • Corrupting the Immune System

    New research from members of the Department of Biology at UF could help us to better understand Zika. Read more "Corrupting the Immune System"