Thanks to everyone whose generosity helps the Center continue to thrive, including the following donors:

  • Association for Academic Women
  • Mr. Gregory R. Allen
  • Dr. Marni A. Brown & Mr. Casey A. Brown
  • Reverend Glen A. Busby & Mrs. Linda C. Busby
  • Mr. Fred Cantrell, Jr.
  • Mrs. Jean Chalmers and Mr. David M. Chalmers
  • Mr. Evan G. Coe
  • Coca-Cola Co.
  • Community Foundation of North Central Florida
  • Ms. Susan F. Delegal
  • Dr. Sheila Dickison
  • Dr. Paul L. Doughty
  • Dr. Margaret U. Fields & Dr. Michael J. Fields
  • Mr. John A Grannan
  • Dr. David G. Hackett
  • Ms. Jeanette K. Helfrich
  • Mr. C. David Hickey
  • Mr. James W. Hicks
  • Dr. Sidney Homan, Jr. & Mrs. Norma M. Homan
  • Dr. Nicole A. Horenstein
  • Dr. Grady E. Johnson, Jr.
  • Mrs. Kelly Johnstone
  • Mr. Charles C. Kafoglis
  • Mr. Sid Kennedy
  • Dr. Angel Kwolek-Folland & Mr. Nathan O. Folland
  • Dr. Angela S. Lindner & Mr. James H. Lindner
  • Dr. Madelyn Lockhart
  • Dr. Mary K. Lockwood
  • Mr. Grady McClendon
  • Dr. Judith W. Page and Professor William H. Page
  • Dr. Jaquelyn L. Resnick and Dr. Michael B. Resnick
  • Lynne E. Roy
  • Ms. Eleanor C. Smeal
  • Ms. Clara J. Smith
  • Dr. John M. Spivack
  • Ms. Anita R. Sundaram
  • Ms. Kathryn Chicone Ustler
  • Ms. Deborah Whippen
  • Mr. Robert Wilder
  • Mr. John H. Williams, Jr.
  • Mr. Chuck Woods

Donations to the Center are used to fund conferences, symposia, educational travel for graduate students, scholarship funds, speaker honoraria, and exhibit support.

Ustler Hall

Ustler Hall

Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research

Offers an interdisciplinary forum for the study of gender and sexualities, their intersections with race/ethnicity, class and other sociocultural systems, and their functions in cultures and societies.

Opportunities for Giving to the UF Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research

We appreciate the generosity of our donors at all levels. For those thinking of a significant gift, we have some suggestions:

$250 Garden walk pavers for the Yardley Garden (honor a recent graduate or teacher)
$500 Send a student to a regional or national meeting, or fund a student’s research trip
$1000 Garden enhancement and plants for the Yardley Garden:
Name a section of the garden for a friend or loved one (a plaque will indicate contribution)
$1000 Inscription for an existing bench in Yardley Garden in honor of a friend or loved one
$2000 A bench in Ustler Hall in honor of a friend or loved one, with an inscribed plaque
$5000 Sponsor a major named lecture (one-time event)
$5000 Support faculty research for the summer (Faculty Summer Research Fellowship)
$5000 Course development (New Course Development Grant)
$10,000 Inscription on the Yardley Wall

For major gifts and other naming opportunities, please contact Christy Popwell, Director of Development, CLAS: (352) 392-1964 or